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Newer Android OS?

I feel like a huge oversight for most manufacturers of automotive head units is the underlying OS... Take my stock HU in my 2018 Civic Type R, it's running android 4.2.2 and even the 2018 Accords that were just released are running Android 7.1... While the Accord is a huge improvement over the Civic, it still has some minor issues... The new Honda Accord and Odyssey even get OTA updates like a mobile device... 

Android has evolved to be a very finely polished OS and even has a specific branch of Android called "Go" which is optimized for devices with 512mb-1GB RAM and processors that aren't up to the task of flagship phones from even 3 years ago... 

I guess what I'm asking is, why don't these HU come with a newer version of Android that is more efficient and coded better for performance on lesser hardware?? 

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