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12.1 tesla screen

Do yo offer the 12.1 tesla screen for a 2008 tundra??

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Hi I have been looking for a solution to the FM radio . It will not find stations, , when I input the stations, by manual tuning, then set a station preset, it works one time only, when I restart the stations will not connect, also the volume jumps when listening, it will drop way down, then you then you turn it up say to 14, you can hear it again, then while just sitting there the volume will blast you so loud while still set at 14, turn it down to 8 and its fine for a few minutes, then the volume drops again. , any ideas, done the reset already

@David Li Not at the moment.

@steve hinz Please take a photo of the system info and email us. Maybe the software need to be updated.

I'm also looking for a 12.1" Tesla style solution for the 2008 Tundra. Hoping you guys have something on the way. 

The new 2019 Ram (in picture below) seems to come with something similar to what your team is doing and I'm hopeful I can give my Tundra a huge face lift with one of your upgrades.

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