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Hello How many dayes the item arrive to me when i requested by express shipping? Thank you Aziz

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Do you do installations there?if so how much do you charge and am interested in the tesla style radio for 2015 toyota tundra
Hello, I am inquiring any information on my order #1921. Has it left ? Is going to be shipped? I have not gotten anything besides payment confirmation over a week ago. I sent an email and I was sent to set up account. I'm not sure if this is where I ask this question. I just want to know something. Thanks,

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@Aziz Ibrahim The processing time depends on the item. Transit time is 2 to 4 days.

@Mario Valdez We usually don't do installation. If you want to come to our location, we can do that for $50

@steven.magett Yours has been shipped. Please check your email for tracking number.

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