SC unit Dodge ram 09-12 harnesses

  1. 4 pin connector 1 USB port - For Carplay/android auto
  2. Extenal mic - We only recommend using this if built it not working, to avoid echo issues
  3. 6 pin connector with 2 USB port - for media files and to retain 1 USB port for car
  4. External GPS - option if you want to use external gps and dont want to use the factory gps
  5. SIM antenna - for 4g connection.
  6. Back up camera adapter - For after market and built in camera connection.
  7. RCA with sim slot - AMP RCA for aftermarket amp and RCA's for sounds.
  8. GPS adapter - to retain factory GPS
  9. Radio antenna adapter - adapter to retain factory radio antenna
  10. USB Extender - to retain 1 factory USB from the car
  11. Main Harness Adapter - to build connection from the unit and the main harness - make sure to connect the small connector for canbus connection
  12. Main harness - Match the connector from your factory harness.