Harness For F-150 2009-2012

  1. RCA with sim card slot
  2. Back up camera adapter - Factory back up camera connection or aftermarket.
  3. 4 pin, 1 USB port for android auto and carplay
  4. External mic - use only if built in doesnt work. to avoid echo issues
  5. SIM card antenna - for 4g connection signal.
  6. External GPS antenna - you can choose between external GPS or the factory gps 
  7. 6 pin, 2 USB port for media and file external storage, such as flash drive or USB drive.
  8.  Brackets - For metal box or factory CD player.
  9. Main harness adapter - connecting from Phoenix unit to T-Harness or main harness of the unit.
  10. Main Harness - Connects from the Main harness adapter and the T-Harness from the factory CD player
  11. Aux Male RCA - connects from the factory aux jack connecter. the RCA from our harness need to connect to RCA label FL and FR - video reference https://youtu.be/A4XEGsmJbFw?t=130
  12. GPS antenna adapter - To retain factory GPS antenna. you can choose between external GPS or the factory gps