Harness for Toyota Tundra 2014-2021

  1. Backup camera Harness - will retain the factory backup camera connection and use for aftermarket RCA connection
  2.  6 pin connector, 2 USB connectors for audio and files.
  3.  4 pin connector, 1 USB connector only exclusive for carplay and android auto.
  4.  External Mic, we only suggest to use this if built it not working to avoid echo when being used.
  5.  Sim card antenna - For signal of the mobile network.
  6.  External GPS antenna - can use this or the factory GPS antenna at your choice.
  7. RCA harness with SIM card slot
  8.  Main harness
  9.  Main harness adapter.
  10.  GPS antenna adapter - This will help you to retain the factory GPS antenna connection.
  11.  USB extender - This will retain the factory USB of the car