Apple Carplay applies to iPhones. 

Android Auto for Android phones - can connect through USB connection only.

There are 2 types of applications being used.

If you are using the built-in carplay/android auto, you need to use Zlink app.

If you are using a dongle, need to install and use Autokit app.

There are 3 THREE KINDS of CARPLAY in our online store:

1. Built-in carplay

-internal, carplay/android auto module is in the unit. It can be used with Android phones and iPhones.

2. USB carplay dongle

-Carplay/Android Auto is connected with a USB cable. It can be used with Android phones and iPhones.

3. Wireless Carplay dongle

-Carplay can be connected without a USB cable. For Android Auto, it can only be connected with a USB cable (does not support wireless for Android phones)

PX3 & PX6 with CARPLAY

-PX3 units do not have a built-in carplay

can use a USB carplay dongle or wireless carplay dongle.

-PX6 unit can use built-in carplay and carplay dongle.

-PX6 Android 9 unit has wireless built-in carplay/android auto. (Usually, it's already activated)

-PX6 android 8.1 unit has a regular built-in carplay but needs a cable to connect the phone and unit - does not support wireless. (requires activation fee)

-If you need to request activation, you can send us a clear picture of the QR code via email or SMS.

How to find out the QR CODE:

Step 1: Open the Zlink app

Step 2: If the unit is Android 8, choose the third option. If the unit is Android 9, choose the first option.

Step 3: Take a picture of the QR code then send it to or Contact Us. 

USB dongle/Wireless Carplay Dongle Download link:
Regular Autokit app
Autokit app with wireless feature

How to connect/Demo video using built-in:

Using the dongle:

With SC7862 head unit:

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