Example video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUCo0I0GCt8&t=67s

What to check when doing a format update?

If it's an Android 8.1 unit, the file name should be px6_format.zip
if it's an Android 9, the file name should  px6-9.0_format.zip

File Format:.zip

USB Thumb drive format: FAT32

Suggested thumb/flash drive size should be between 2GB up to 16GB

The USB connection should be through OTG or USB1 (the one that came with the unit).

Try a different USB thumb drive if still not working.

No need to rename/extract/unzip the file.

How to do the format update?

 1. On a computer, kindly click on the link we sent. It will direct you to a page where there's a "Download" button

2. Click on the "Download button and you should see a notification about the download progress (PX6 software update is usually about 1GB up to 1.5 GB data)

3. While you're downloading the file, you can go ahead and check if the format of the USB thumb drive is FAT32.

How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN-kt4GEUHY&t=1s

To do this, plug your USB thumb drive into your computer, look for your USB thumb drive on your PC folder. Right-click on it and select the option that says "Properties. You should see a small window like the image below (applies if you have Windows OS - if you have Mac OS, you'll need to select "Get Info")

If the file type does not say FAT32, then you will need to format it to FAT32. Just right-click on the thumb drive and select Format...

After confirming the file type or format of the thumb drive, you may then grab or transfer the file to the thumb drive. 

Just a reminder, no need to unzip the file - the name should still be the same.

f it's an Android 8.1 unit, the file name should be px6_format.zip
if it's an Android 9, the file name should  px6-9.0_format.zip

It should not have an open and close parenthesis with a number on its name like px6_format(1).zip or px6_format(2).zip because the unit system detects it by name.

5. Safely eject the thumb drive from your computer.

6. Plug the USB thumb drive to the USB ports connected to the unit -usually to the ports that say USB1 or OTG

7. After plugging the thumb drive, you should see a USB icon on the top left/right of the screen.

(If the issue is with the screen display, just wait for a minute after bootup)

8. Once the unit detected it, press the RST pinhole - usually beside the screen that says RST - need a paper clip to press the button

(If you have a Mark 3 unit, press the Home button for about 15 seconds to do the reset)

8. After resetting, the system will reboot - you will see a different screen with a loading page on it - this usually takes 5 mins

9. Once you are on the page that says you can remove the USB, you can then unplug the USB thumb drive.

10. After unplugging the thumb drive, the unit will reboot again. Please take note that it takes a few minutes on this part until you get to the home page screens.

After the format, all settings will be default but we can just change some of them to make other function works with the car.

In some cases, we provide car setting files that can be imported into the unit (depending on if we have the specific car setting files) OR we just manually change it.

For Android 7.1 units;