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    When customers order unit(s) from us, we wanted to make sure that we will be sending the complete parts/wires/harnesses. We also wanted to make sure that customers will get the right unit for their vehicle, thus suggesting them to Contact Us and send their vehicle information and dash photo.

 Route Package Protection

The "Route" provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. 

The customer can make a claim if the package was not received. 

This insurance is purchased by default when the customers buy our products and can be canceled if the customer does not need it. If the customer does not receive the package, he can directly contact the insurance company to make a claim.

In this case:

We advise the customer to directly contact the insurance company to make a claim. We do not actively contact the insurance company, but we can provide some information such as the tracking number.

If the customer wants to revise the order and add the insurance, we can do so by manually adding it on draft orders or invoices we create. We would take the subtotal of the order and add the Route premium by selecting the variant that is closest to 1.5% of the order value. All of the route variables can be found within the product page of Route in your Shopify store.

Shipping insurance cannot be purchased after shipping.

Pricing and Discounts

Bundle Price - There is a list of small items under each unit. If the customer buys the unit and then purchases the small item, the customer can get a discount for the small item, which is the bundle price. Regardless of whether the order status is unfulfilled or fulfilled. If the customer still wants to buy some small items such as car play, OBD, etc., as long as we have a product with a bound price, we can give him the bound price, we will only need to send an invoice to the customer.

Discount Codes

Comebacks 5 = 5% (we give to the customer for the second time purchasing; can only use once.)

Signup 3 = 3% (we give to the customer for the first time sign up; can only use once.)

Phoenix 10 =10% (give after three times purchases; no limits of times.)

Military discount = 10% (always need to send military ID through email; no limits of times.)

The company will provide holiday discounts during holidays. The discount rate will be announced on the website before the holidays. different stores have different discount rates.

Now our discount code is only for units, and small items with bundle prices can no longer be discounted.

Multiple discounts cannot be used at the same time, only one of them can be used. If there are multiple discounts, we will give the highest discount to the customer. Military discount is for all items, not just units. If the customer previously received a 10% discount for the unit, we can also refund the 10% discount for the small items at the bundle price.

For other questions regarding discounts, you may  Contact Us.

Rewards and Referral

 1 point is worth $0.01. 

Clyde Protection Knowledge Base Content

Some customers might ask regarding the insurance for the actual unit or sometimes referred to as "maintenance insurance".

Customers can choose one-year, two-year, or three-year insurance according to their needs.

This can only be added within 30 days from the date of purchase, they can Contact Us and we will send them an invoice.

Within one year warranty period, if it is defective, our company will be responsible. If it is not defective, but the damage is caused by the customer, the insurance company will be responsible. After the one-year warranty period, any problems with the product are the responsibility of the insurance company depending on the insurance option selected. 

When a customer returns a unit and requests a refund, if the customer does not have an open claim, we will refund the protection plan to the customer.

If the customer wants to return the unit and replace it with another type of unit, the previously purchased protection plan will not be effective for the replacement unit, so we will need to refund the protection plan to the customer if the customer does not have an open claim. We would then let customers re-purchase a new protection plan. If the customer has already opened the claim, the refund is no longer allowed.

Payment Method

They can use a credit/debit card, affirm - for installment, and Amazon Pay (depends on Amazon if payment will go through - unstable)

Payment can only be paid by one method or one bank card and cannot be mixed payments.

If the customer pays by a credit/debit card, but the order shows a HIGH risk, the order will automatically get canceled. 

If the customer pays by AFFIRM, and the order shows a HIGH risk, the order will NOT be canceled and we will still send the package to the customer.

    Once the customer placed the order, we directly reach out to them via email asking for some information or we ask them to fill-up the form

    After the information has been submitted, this will be forwarded to the manufacturer for processing. Please refer to the following links for more information regarding Processing & Shipping Time Frame or  anything About Shipping

Request Forms


For shipping Locations

Brand new units will be shipped from China.

Open-box and refurbished units will come from the CA office.

For separate cables or small items, this will be shipped from either China or the US depending on the availability.

For Suggestions and FAQ

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