No AC Control

When Choosing Car Type Depending if have Infinity Sound Amplifier or No

Vehicle with Amplifier

Protocol - ChuangYuanTong with BNR

Vehicle with No Amplifier 

Protocol - ChangYuanTong

This video show how to Choose Car Type -

No Amplifier Protocol - ChangYuanTong

Yes Infinity Sound Protocol - ChangYuanTong with BNR

No Sound 

Connect RCAs

RCA FR, FL to Audio Out R,L

Sound & Camera RCA Connection

Can Also Check in the Console App

if have Infinity Sound System check Here Volume

If No Infinity Sound System - 

Plug Factory Radio In - Set Volume to High level and be sure sound is On

Turn Off Vehicle - connect our unit and see if sound stay on - if still no sound

can send us email with picture of your connections we can check. Thank you