For 7.1 Android OS Unit

try to set to 19200 and 38400 with the Protocol XinFeiYang

For 4.4 Android OS Unit

Settings, System Vers/Info, Press and Hold middle of screen - Keypad will come up - 7890 ok, 

System, can scroll down to the setting below.

After set to XFY, 38400, 38400 need to restart by pressing the RST button with paper clip near the mic. 

or turn off car, open close door, turn car back on

Example of AC control of Car Dash

For 7.1 Unit

check settings

advanced (8861)

car type 

Old F150 Lo (For Manual AC)

Old F150 Hi (For Auto AC)

press one of those 2 car types

Then on the next page, check that 

Protocol is - Xinfeiyang

check mark the box at the top right of the picture

press ok

then restart the unit


If AC Controls has

Temperature Control and On and Off Control

Try Re connecting OEM unit - Set the Air conditioning Fan to Low

Re Plug our unit then see if AC controls works