The 12.1“ vertical screen head unit for Ford Fusion 2013 - 2018 should work for all Ford Fusion 2013 - 2018. The factory A/C board for cars with auto A/C needs to be swapped to the back of the new screen. 

Some of the OEM features may not work as well.

If the car has manual A/C and heated seats, then heated seats feature may not be retained.

If the car has heated steering wheel, then the feature may not work properly.

If the car has park assist/self parking, there will be beep warning sound, but related on screen notifications/prompts may not be retained.

For 13.6'' Android Vertical Screen Navigation Radio for Ford Fusion Mondeo 2013-2019, it is only compatible with Auto AC. 

If your dash has Manual AC like below, then it is not compatible with 13.6'', but 12.1'' will compatible.